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Pdf Blank Page Extract Tool

Download free Acrobat pdf blank page detector & remover software to search & delete all the pages which are blank
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16 July 2014

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This tool helps remove blank pages from PDF documents.

If you convert a lot of legacy documents into PDF, scanning them is an effective process. Converting the bunch of images into PDF is a simple step from there. However, automated scanning often leaves a lot of blank pages in the lot. The source also can have a large number of blank pages scattered in it. Usually one would want to remove all the unwanted blank pages from the output documents. Doing this manually could be very error prone and could be tedious for one undertaking it, particularly when you have a bunch of documents to be handled. This utility looks through document pages and determines the quantity of non-blank pixels on those pages. When these pixels are above a threshold, the page is one that has content. When below that threshold, the page is considered a blank page.

These blank pages then can be deleted by the program. You will get a report of deleted page(s). Just to be safe, these deleted pages could be backed up. Often pages contain perforations that might get marked as non-blank pages. It is possible to set margins and let the program disregard these areas when deciding if the page is blank or not. This batch processor tool will handle page ranges; complete documents need not be processed. The interface makes it simple to create a batch list to be processed. Removing files to finalize the list is available. User could completely remove all the files when you want to start over. This is a useful tool when working with PDF files.

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Download free Acrobat pdf blank page detector & remover software to search & delete all the pages which are blank. It examines each pixel of page for black and white colors, cuts each blank page found and stores as backup copy if backup option selected. Pdf blank page removal tool supports processing of bulk pdf documents in a single batch. Tool takes very less time in detection and deletion and complete process is automatic. Apart from this automatic removal of blank pages, user is provided with the option to remove user defined pages from each pdf like 3, 7, 10-15…etc. Acrobat pdf page remover software is easy in use and provides self-descriptive user interface. Program is designed to make compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems. Free trial version is also available for testing purpose before ordering online. For instant user support, a help link is also provided with the tool. All versions of Acrobat pdf file is supported by our tool to detect and remove of blank pages. Free version draws watermark on the pages.
1. Tool supports batch file processing.
2. Drag and drop suspected pdf files for examine.
3. Tool is compatible with Windows platforms.
4. It has inbuilt option to preview pages.
5. Tool has option to delete specified pages too.
Pdf Blank Page Extract Tool
Pdf Blank Page Extract Tool
Version 1.4.7
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